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Even though Street food in itself is not considered as a cuisine, we can simply visualize it as a concept , especially when knowing that most of us have tried at some point in their life, some street food catering , a sandwich from a food truck, a famous Chinese street food recipes or even Italian street food .

Street food It is a part of every country’s culture, history and belief. Nowadays you can find a street food vendor in almost every corner of any main street, it does not cost much, as street food is known to be cheap. And depending on every different culture a variety of different kind and classes of people have a distinctive street food that marks the social statue of every individual in any social group. Street food can be a fun as well an easy way to discover when you are visiting a new country.

On the other hand, it can also be a particularly handy delicious mean to chat with a complete stranger, ask abut directions and visit popular places and eat on a budget. Although some of the street food meals we know have low quality ingredients, we can’t deny that there are plenty of other dishes that are undoubtedly delicious and very well made, not to mention very healthy, and getting the chance of tasting some of them in your life time can be an enjoyable experience .

7- The Indian Masala Dosa :

The masala dosa in India is your typical street food; Masala dosa is simply a stuffed dose. The dose is usually made by soaking rice and lentils for at least one night in water after that mashed into a batter. next stuffed with boiled potatoes seasoned with mustard seeds, and lemon juice. Very often, the masala dosa has a red chutney that is made of red chilies, onions, and of course like all Indian dishes garlic put in the inside of the dosa before adding healthy stuffing on top of the dosa. it is fast, healthy, cheap and very delicious. Mostly made of very healthy components like rice, black lentils and sambar, the masala dosa is very high on calories and carbohydrates , and is a fun way to discover the popular streets of India and of course, get full.

6- The Arepas in Colombia :

Arepas is a very popular Colombian cuisine street food, usually made of ground maize dough and sometimes with crooked flour, mixed with water and a small amount of salt. the arepas is best served in breakfast and people of Colombia and Venezuela consume it on a daily basis. It can be filled with various types of vegetables fried food fish and meat, to make it a complete meal that can be consumed as a dinner or lunch dish. with about 75 distinct forms of preparation It is very tasty healthy and easy on the stomach. You can eat it alongside any type of drink you would like coffee tea, or milk. If you happen to visit Colombia make sure to look for a fast food joint and give it a try, and do not forget to have it topped with cheese.

5- The Spanish Churros :

No one know how to define churros exactly, because it is just a fried dough snack, but it becomes special when dipped in hot chocolate or Sinnamon sugar, churros is a Spanish and Portuguese traditional street food, but it’s also popular in many places such as France and Morocco.

The Churros is the kind of street food that you can enjoy in almost any place and time, not the best street food ever, but absolutely great while watching a movie very delicious if you are at the beach you can have it on breakfast or as an afternoon snack. Churros is the perfect light street food for anyone anywhere anytime as it is sweet no at all expensive, light and you can eat it with almost anything. the Churros are considered as a street food that is meant for lovers. you most likely to find it a lot in places that are famous of being romantic. So next time you are on a trip with your lover know that there are some delicious Churros that can make your tour around the city more sweet and romantic.

4- Banh Mi in Vietnam :

We can’t talk about street food without mentioning the infamous Banh Mi, this popular Vietnamese sandwich, is one of the richest in components sandwiches in the world.  usually made of a mix of vegetables and Vietnamese meat, it contains carrots, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, and many more, meat and coriander stuffed inside a Vietnamese baguette made mostly wheat flour and white rice.The banh Mi can be had in breakfast and also as a snack, not many people have it on lunch or dinner as it considered to be a dry meal.

The other great thing about this particular street meal is that even though it is Vietnamese you can have it in many places around the world, in almost all Asian countries the middle east and very much in the united states. So remember the name Banh mi because it is just great! and you should absolutely try it if you are visiting Vietnam .

3- Taamiya in Egypt :

Without any doubt, Taamiya is the most famous street food in the middle east. The Egyptian Taamiya is a special version of falafel, made of fava beans and mostly served in a pita bread alongside with pickled vegetables and sauce with salads. The Taamiya is a traditional meal in Egypt and the people in there have a special love for it and will certainly invite you to taste it, whether be it homemade or on street food vendor. as mentioned before the Taamiya is the most famous street food in the middle east, but that doesn’t mean you will find it in any other country other than Egypt.

You may have some luck find in it in another country but it is merely an imitation of the real deal and if you want to have and enjoy the real flavor of the taamiya than Egypt it is. so if you are visiting Egypt, you better make sure to know what Taamiya tastes like before going back !

2- The Brazilian Pastel :

Usually sold in a street food truck, pastel is simply a fried dish, rounded with a pastry envelope that is filled with something which tastes salty.

It can be ground beef, Butter, chicken, fish, or even dried meat, or you can find a completely different version that has, bananas with cinnamon, The best Pastels are known to be fried just on time, and on a particular temperature, The origins of the Brazilian pastel are kind of a mystery. You will often hear a story that Japanese immigrants are the ones who invented it, based on a Japanese recipe, other people claim that the origins are actually Chinese wantons. Others refer it to Portuguese and Italian origins. this street food is well known and popular in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, but can be found almost anywhere in Brazil, the US and some other countries. The Brazilian Pastel is usually eaten at evening But that is not a rule. many enjoy it at breakfast or dinners in general it is not considered a meal but a delicious snack that you can enjoy between mean meals.

–  before we reveal our final top best street food , here is some honorable mentions :

• Ceviche in Peru .

• Shawarma in the Middle East .

• Halo halo in the Philippines .

• Jerk chicken in Jamaica .

 1- Kimbap in South Korea :

Hands off the most popular street food in Asia! the kimbap – or the Korean sushi as many like to call it- is a “gim” – a rolled sheet – filled with rice, carrots, crab sticks, beef and egg, the Gimbal is a very popular Korean street food and you can find it not only in pretty much everywhere around Seoul, but also in all the Korean restaurants around the globe, unlike some of the street food we previously talked about Kimbap is very viral and you can find almost in every country at least one Korean restaurant that serves it. not to mention how much healthy, relatively cheap, and fat free.

This street food is definitely worth a try and duo to its rich components you can enjoy this street food no matter what diet you are fallowing, people of all ages can enjoy it. So remember this name and when in a Korean street ask around about the nearest place that serves the Kimbap.

Street food add its own charm and mark within any place. the sidewalks become wonderful social eating spots at a regular sundown. Colorful Food carts reaching out for the beautiful nights and a crowed of motorbikes and costumers by day becomes an social gathering of plastic tables, chairs and tables in the evenings. The streets light up and you can enjoy the wonderful smell of delicious soups, fried meals and grilled meats is everywhere.