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Spectacular, amazing and just beautiful, there is no doubt that beaches are some of the most hypnotic places nature has offered us, wither it is a white sand beach, or a coral reef with almost invisible aqua waters, we love the beaches and we think everybody should enjoy them.

In today’s pick, we are counting some of the most spectacularly attractive beaches around the world that, most probably, you have never heard of !

The grace bay :

Located in the Turks and Caicos islands, the Grace bay is a typical aqua water beach that you only see in movies, even if it is a big tourists attraction, most people on the other side of the world never heard of the grace bay and sure enough, never visited.

Also the sand looks just as spectacular as the water, so make sure to get your skin ready for an enjoyable tan.

Lord Howe island beaches :

We know that you have never heard of this one because the total amount of tourists visiting this place are a few 400 people at a time! Lord Howe Island is not very known due to its distance of the rest of the famous familiar places but still one of the most breath taking handsome islands in the globe and containing a handful of the best beaches in the world.

located within a two hours flight from Sydney in the middle of the pacific ocean, this exotic island and it’s beaches are considered as a common heritage of human kind from the united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization. The LAGOON, the most amazing beach to enjoy a romantic sunset. You are most likely to find carpet of a wonderful white sand completely to yourself to enjoy and explore.

NED’s BEACH, the cleanest white sand beach in Australia, and it’s see produces the smoothest waves to surf in. BLINKY Beach, warm but fresh waters and Cristal clear not to mention also very safe for even the kids to swim in. LOVER’s BAY, as it name explain it’s the perfect beach to have a romantic picnic with your lover. more than its fantastic golden sand it contains a beautiful grassy area with long palm trees that can melt anybody’s heart. So if you are brave enough for some discoveries, put this one on your bucket list !

Phu Quoc island beach :

Located between Vietnam and Cambodia, the beaches of Phu Quo are as close as you can get to a virgin undiscovered land, and no word less than heaven can describe those attractive beaches. the island in general contains large amount of military forces, luckily this wasn’t a problem for tourists because these days, the east long beach on the east coast of the island started to develop lately with many beach resorts and coffee shops taking place. we will name a few like Truong Beach, located on the west side of the island and where lays most of the hotels and resorts in the island.

Ganh Dau Beach, is on the top of the Phu Quoc island. this beach known mostly of its quiet and peaceful aroma that you feel once you set in its white sands.  Bai Vong Beach, you will find this one on the east coast, you will know you are there once you see the beautiful line of its palm trees, its blue clean water and its glowing white sand.

the hidden beach in Puerto Vallarta Mexico :

You can tell pretty much everything about this beach just by saying it’s name ! Located in the Marietta Islands, about 20 nautical miles from Puerto Vallarta, exists a nothing less than a paradise on earth beach hidden underneath a huge hole in the ground. It is named the “Hidden Beach”  also “Playa de Amor” (Beach of Love in english), this movies like astonishing work of god has stayed not touched by human hands for many years.many rumors suggest that this beach was created by the Mexican army as a bomb testing place in the beginnings of the 20th century, but what we can tell you today is that this place is just spectacular, Behind its natural charm lays discernible turquoise waters marvelously sways against its thick stunning white shores, far from sight and hidden from the rest of the world. Until recently when its pictures went viral across the internet that it become one of the most known beaches in Mexico.and without a doubt worth every penny you spent in order to visit it.

The Pangalo island :

Another secret beach we will share with you is The Pangalo island beach in the Philippines. It is considered secret for one simple reason : to get there you have to take an hour long flight from the city of Manila to Bohol island, then an another half hour drive in an old pavement only to find your self in the middle of an exotic long field of sand,The sandy shores with sky like blue waters of the ocean and palm trees that seem as it was trying to reach out to the beautiful view of the nice tides that caresses gently the white sands. a marvelous landscape that stay graved in the memories of its visitors.

More than that , the island is known to be filled with many welcoming resorts and farms, and very famous with its delicious food such as purple yam and dessert, not to mention, the heavenly view at night when the moon lights reflects over the majestic sea and brings up the charm of the white sand, green palms and creates a visual illusion that makes the bohemian boats look like they are floating in the air !

The Kawakiu beach :

When you go to Hawaii, you are probably heading towards Waikiki, the famous Hawaii beach, but let’s face it : this place is crowded and the area in general is quiet noisy as many might say.That’s why our last pick for this list is the Kawakiu beach in Molokai Hawaii, so if you are visiting Waikiki and you do not feel like sticking around, and decided to escape from the place’s crowd and noise, we highly recommend you to visit this beach, it is usually very quiet, not full of people, which is kind of surprising as this particular one is known to be one of the beautiful beaches in the world, It stands out duo to its mix of beautiful golden sand, blue clear water, and its refreshing gentle summer breeze that has an angelic aroma around it which is why this beach is one of the best beaches in the world.

Bioluminescent Beach, Maldives

The Maldives is well known for its glowing white beaches . But the most breath taking one which will certainly gives you goosebump is the Bioluminescent beach whose waves glow at night.The reason behind it a kind of algae that exists in there emits a beautiful blue light scare their predators and makes them run away.But have no fear this algae is harmless and you can safely swim next to them. this particular beach unlike the previous ones is quite famous and well known and millions of tourists mostly photographers visit it each year to enjoy the nice rare natural phenomena. Not just that the panoramic view of the tropical island its wonderful palm trees smooth waved waters, the night sky and its visible countless stars energize to create the perfect view. And photographers around the world come each year to capture it.

 Ibo Island (Mozambique)

This very unknown island looks like a small dot when you glance at it on a map, but  when you actually visit it you will come across untouched by humans places where you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is inhabited by many exotic  birds, graceful plants, and old ruins in that you never saw beside movies. You will also enjoy sailing to a secret white sandbank island deep in its sea. The island is very rich in culture and nature, and it represents the soul of  Africa due to the wildlife of its inhabitant. For a unforgettable dream trip,and a magnificent attractive beach, that enables you to swim with the planet’s most adorable creature ,dolphins, and do not worry there are no sharks to be afraid of. you will have glimpse of another heaven on earth a shiny crystal clear water, golden glowing sand. There are many hotel and restaurants with various cultures can eat Indian food , Arab salads, African specials, and Persian food too.

That is our list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But rest assured nature has a lot more to offer and those beaches we talked about are far from being the only attractive beaches out there. So make sure to visit at least on of the beaches we mentioned and do not forget to share this article with your friends and clause ones so you can compare your views on which beach you find the most attractive.